Small Groups

John MacArthur's Bible Study: Ephesians

By John MacArthur

Written by the apostle Paul as a letter of encouragement and admonition. Ephesians gives a refresher course in New Testament doctrine and provides a practical blueprint for Christian behavior. Through this letter, Paul shows us our continual need for God's help and demonstrates that everything good we enjoy is an expression of His great love.
The Mac Arthur Study Guide Series provides a twelve week, verse-by-verse examination of the books of the New Testament. This revised and updated series continues to be one of the best-selling study guides currently available for individuals or small groups.
Features Include:
  • Twelve week study
  • Thought-provoking questions
  • Verse-by-verse commentary
  • Space provided for note-taking
This study will begin this February at 6:30 on the Peak Bible campus.
The book is available for purchase online.
John MacArthur's Bible Study: Ephesians
Small Group Accountability Questions
1. How have you done with consistent, satisfying, personal devotions?
2. Have you been content with the circumstances and roles into which God has placed you at this time (submitting/leading, finances, home, marriage, family)?
3. Have you been a good steward of your time, finances, body, relationships, and the Gospel this week?
4. Have you interacted with material or persons this week that would tempt you towards lust or impurity (pornography, physical interactions, inappropriate shows/websites/social media/conversations)?
5. What is your greatest area of personal struggle this week? If it involves sin against God or others, have you sought forgiveness where applicable?